Hololens Concepts: My mostly arbitrary picks of the best so far.

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Hololens Concepts:
My mostly arbitrary picks of the best so far.

Microsoft should make a Hololens for dogs.

At least, that’s one of the many ideas Microsoft has received since taking public submissions for Hololens applications. While submitting some of my own, more modest, proposals, I took the time to do some of my own digging.

What I found was a eclectic pile of brain dumps from a wide range of people. From the trivial, to trying to save the world. Some unrealistic in scale, some humorously falling outside the scope of what the Hololens could reasonably be expected to do (ie, it can’t smell things – at least, not unless the Dog will come fitted as standard).
Other submissions I came across seemed suspiciously like auto-generated spam, or at least it’s hard to tell even their vaguest intention.

Out of the ideas I did understand, I made a selection of ones I found the most interesting, plausible
- or that just appealed to me on some fundamental level.

  • Book / DVD / Stuff finder


    A few different people have suggesting applications to help find stuff about the house.
    With the Hololens mapping the environment, combined with now fairly common OCR techniques, finding book or dvd titles should be well within the possibilities of a app. Provided the object hasn’t moved since last time the Hololens application saw it, it should be simple to provide a onscreen indication of where it is.
    Going further, it might be eventually possible to locate objects not defined by recognizable text, presumably using neural network based object recognition. Googles recently open sourced Tensorflow could help developers here.

    The effectiveness of this sort of “find me” application would depend very much on slickness; can the end-user specify they want to find their keys, quicker then they can spot it was where they left them?

  • Trash can fun and games


    FamilyGuyJJ80 suggests making a trashcan erupt in effects, or keep a score, whenever rubbish is chucked into it.
    It’s a very simple concept that really demonstrates that how any arbitrary thing in life can be gamified or skinned. It might have no practical purpose, and only moderate amusement, but this shows somewhat the “causal possibilities” opened up when your world is half virtual.

  • Light Bikes;


    Given that the Hololens knows where the user is in relation to their environment, it would be fairly easy to plot a path of their recent movements. And what if their trail was a wall streaming out from behind them – fatal to all who touch it?
    That’s the idea Surfsalot has, by recreating the classic Lightbikes scene from the film Tron. While using Hololens on bicycles might be just a little risky, Surfsalot points out it could also be played with people just running around – or even in Wheelchairs. It might even be the start of a new sport – AR tech making a previously impossible game now real. Given Tron was about people being pulled into a digital world, it’s somewhat fitting one of its concepts can be made real by the reverse.
    Realistically, this concept would be better pulled off by an organisation renting out a large disused space, and providing the equipment.

    And you never know, maybe using bicycles might be possible to do safely after all, if someone else’s idea takes off.

  • Energy Saving: The Game;


    Gamification is a powerful tool to incentivize people to do previously boring tasks. In some ways it’s a hack of the human brain. We like points and scores and, indeed, little bells that tell us we are doing a good job. Turning energy saving into a game is one case where this human tendency can be exploited for good.
    The question is, however, would the gains here offset the energy use of the Hololens itself during the period using the application?

  • Mosquito Detector


    While the degree of precision might be beyond the first generation of Hololens tech, I still love the idea of such advanced tech being used for such a trivial life problem. It’s like the whole of human civilization has been building up to giving us all the ability to squat mosquitoes out of the air.

  • Wizard duel


    Milanvan Londen0 imagines wizard duels being conducted with the Hololens.
    The beauty of a wizard duel, as depicted in Harry Potter as well as many classic movies and novels is the participants mostly stay put in one place, with no physical contact.
    As a concept it’s somewhat idea for local multiplayer in restricted spaces – making it a not too dangerous proposition for parents.
    Players could use gestures to cast spells and counter spells. Any stick like object could be skinned into a wand.
    Some popular depictions of wizard duels involve picking the right animal to counter the opposition’s – so there could even be a light educational aspect as to predator/prey relationships in the animal kingdom. That’s how it could be sold to parents anyway.

  • Project Skipper (AR pets)


    An idea simultaneously invented by a few people, but it bears repeating: Virtual pets that react and “exist” in peoples living rooms are sure to be popular. This idea has perhaps been best depicted by anime series Dennou Coil, where an augmented reality virtual pet was a important part of the series.

    Hour Hopper describes this idea well, and also makes a appeal for it to bear the name Skipper in some way – as a tribute to his deceased dog.

  • Ping pong;


    And why stop at Ping-pong? Pool, Snooker and even Air-hockey would be equally doable with just a Hololens and a empty desk.

For more concepts see;

Or some more of my own;
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