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Imagine everything everywhere.

At a mere gesture of our hand we could pull up any tool we wanted. Any device. Any book. Even any person.

All the worlds knowledge and abilities in all the worlds people all the time.

It seems impossible – and, indeed, many reading this will start to go over why its not possible. And many of those reasons will be correct.
But the fact the idea can be broken down down and studied, rather than dismissed as magic, speaks volumes for how far we have come as a species. A incredible percentage of the human race now carry devices that allow them access to music, video, games and encyclopedias of knowledge within seconds. We can talk to eachother around the world – often face to face if we wish. Hundreds of tools have been combined into one.

Everything Everywhere is not a dream, nor is it impossible.
Everything Everywhere is a trend. A pattern.

And we will get there someday in the next few decades.
After all…was it not Einstein that said “Everything is possible, I know this”?
1Well, no, it was actually Reed Richards in Fantastic Four #570ish

  1. a Well, no, it was actually Reed Richards in Fantastic Four 570ish


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