Upwards till there is no up

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Upwards till there is no up

Aside from developments towards our half virtual world, humanity has made some other great leaps forward in recent months.
One of the most significant of these is in space travel.

SpaceX, Elon Musks rocket company, has recently successful safely landed its 5th rocket after delivering cargo to orbit.
Three of them landed on drone ships at sea, two on land.

Essentially, this is approaching a regular thing. Real delivery’s to the orbit without chucking most of the ship away each time.
The rocket being recovered costs $60 million to make so being able to reuse them is a huge step forward for making space infrastructure more affordable.
Making the means to get stuff into space as cheap as possible makes all future endeavors in that area easier. Its the start of a phase-change for space travel. Akin to how building a road makes traveling easier.

SpaceX, at the time of writing, hasn’t yet re-used a rocket, but it has tested them and their condition seems good. The first rocket re-use should be in the next few months.


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On a semi-related note, a few months back 6 different spacecraft were docked at the ISS at the same time.
While it might not get too much coverage these days in the news, there’s actually a lot more traffic going into orbit then most would expect – and as prices fall its only going to increase.

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