Hololens and Windows 10 details from Microsoft Build keynote 2015

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Information From Microsoft Build 2015 keynote ;
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(Note to save some people time; No release date or price was given yet, but was a lot more info on its abilities see below)

  • Same tools as Windows10 applicable to develop on Hololens.
  • ALL Windows Universal apps can be made to run on Hololens.

“Daren” demoing;

  • Runs Windows10 apparently live demo. Seems real.
  • They point out the camera we are seeing though is a custom camera rig. We arnt seeing though the Hololens. (obviously as the angle is different)
  • Virtual dog on the floor. Apps on walls. Simplified Start menu floating in front of him.
  • He starts a Skype window then pins it onto a wall.
  • Multitasking. Lots of apps placed around him as 3d models.

  • “follow me” out loud command makes app follow him.
  • These floating windows are like a “ReBoot” Vid screen. (anyone watch ReBoot?)
  • Resizeble…like normal windows. ALL APPs.
  • A few slight layering glitches as he moved. (very briefly window was behind/infront of others when it shouldn’t…probably due to it looking on and following him)
  • Contrast questionable on the audiences view – still seemed a bit too dark to be real unless your room lighting is turned out a bit.


  • Now a video of arch-vis demo;
  • Using a mouse with a hologram (So not just motion control’s…yay!)
  • Remote presence apps reiterated. People looking at on site augmentations of what is prepossessed to be built.


  • Another apparently live demo, medical this time;
  • Using Hololens to teach students medicine.
  • Seeing a 3d person split into layers (muscle, bones, etc)
  • Confirmed many people seeing the same augmentations at once is possible, in this case to help teaching.


  • All in one device.
  • No wires.
  • “wraps around” your head, somewhat adjustable size.

New Demo;

  • Overlaying a augmented reality robot onto a real little robot.
  • Spacial UI app hovering around robot.
  • Hololens can communicate its room scanning data back at apps for stuff like pathfinding.
  • “room understanding” can come from hololens.
  • Hololens can update its room scan data dynamically if stuff in the room changes. (The real, physical, robot walks around avoiding someone based on the Hololens data being fed to it)


  • They have hundreds of actual Hololens units people at Build can play with.
  • No details on release or price :(

Windows 10 non-hololens specific stuff;

  • Payments for apps possible via carriers (not just on phones)
  • They aim for 1 billion Windows 10 devices in about 2 years.
  • New Apps are cross platform. Its a “universal platform”. One codebase for many platforms. Same binary will run on phone,tablet,pc,Hololens etc.
  • Different filters let different views for different platforms, or platform specific features.
  • Aim is to make flexible apps for all screensizes and forms.
  • Sever-hosted Websites can be deployed as windows 10 apps.
  • Win32, .net apps still possible in Windows store/Win10.
  • Keeps promising apps, even Win32 ones, don’t junk up your system. Win32 apps run in a isolated way to help this.
  • Android/Java or C++ code can run in Windows10 phones using a subsystem.
  • The above can use Windows specific APIs despite running android developed Java code.
  • iOS ObjectiveC code can be compiled for W10 on Microsoft Visual Studio. (can debug tablet apps on PCs – mouse or touch)
  • Optional Adverts on pc login screen. Sort of. I think. Sorry tuned out for a bit there. “app highlighting” as backdrops? hmm
  • Voice recognition/command system. Can tie into apps for fairly seamless workflow.
  • New web browser called “Microsoft Edge”. (used to be “Project Spartan”). Given “Edge” was a render target mode on IE11 this is a little confusing now.
  • “learns the things you care about”. Not creepy at all I am sure.
  • Universal windows app.
  • blue “e” icon “has a better meaning now.”
  • web standards based extensions, easy to convert from chrome extensions.
  • You can doddle over websites, btw.

Universal app details;

  • Bluetouth keyboard and mouses supported on Windows10 phones – because its the same binary which supports them as it would on a pc.
  • Running a phone on a full sized monitor (via HDMI cable) basically makes it look like a full PC app. Screen formatting/layout changes. App does not.
  • Standard keyboard shortcuts supported.
  • “any screen can be your PC”

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