Hololens Concepts: My mostly arbitrary picks of the best (part 2)

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Hololens Concepts:
My mostly arbitrary picks of the best (part 2)

Lightbikes, Trash Can games and Mosquito Tracking were some of the submissions Microsoft received which I looked over in part 1.

Below is even more picks from the weird and wonderful pile of public proposals:

  • https://microsoftstudios.com/hololens/shareyouridea/idea/life-paint/

    Vicmell6698dull ideas

  • Translation


    Translation is always a popular use-case for AR systems.
    It’s another case of user empowerment. Expanding our human abilities though the use of wearable technology.

    Normally the idea is focused around replacing text in users the field of view. To let them glance at any foreign bit of text and, like magic, see it in their own language. We see this in systems such as Word Lens.

    The idea here, however, is audio based. To not only do on the fly translation of spoken words, but to then position the resulting translated speech above peoples heads.
    Skybit Orbital

  • Holo Drums


    While the above may require advanced neural network solutions for speech recognition, translation and synthesis, not all Hololens applications need to be so complex.
    ToedPaladin9 proposes a virtual drum set. Track some sticks, trigger some sounds.
    Peddles might be a bit trickier, but at a basic level wiping up an app like this should be simple, and allow a huge range of customization for the end user.
    One additional idea I would add would be the option to hock it up to virtual spotlighting – synced to the beat of the users drumming.

  • https://microsoftstudios.com/hololens/shareyouridea/idea/escape-the-situation/

    escape the room

  • AR-Enhanced Tabletop RPGs


    TheDarkElf007 along with a few others, suggested the use of AR applications to both enhance and streamline this process. Things like line of sight can be visually presented – and thus quicker to understand. Lesser known rules and effects can be calculate in real time – instead of needing to be looked up. Context-specific information could also be displayed to each player individually – letting them see the information they need easily, without any other player knowing it.

    There is almost endless scope to the possibility’s of such applications given the diverse range of scenarios and play styles such games encompass. AR apps should be able to enhance the games for longtime players, as well as streamlining the whole process for new players down to what’s important: telling the player if their pointy thing is pointy enough.

  • The Layered Earth


    The idea of conjuring up a 3d map or globe and out of thin air and manipulating it is not a very new idea. It was depicted in sci-fi films and novels long before we had the technology to realize it.


  • 3D Painting


    Proposes extending the traditional painting application into three dimensions. Effectively making the artwork volumetric.
    I like this idea a lot, as it’s something pretty much only possible with a device able to both input and output in full 3d. How else can brushwork by done in three dimensions, without constantly stopping to manipulating the z depth? With Hololens, there could be fluid three dimensional strokes, no extra control’s needed.
    Only issue I see might be such a app would be very computationally intensive, with large ram demands.
    The potential for high res voxel painting is very interesting though – it could almost be considered a new form of art, something that exists halfway between painting and sculpture.

For more concepts see:

Or some more of my own:
here and here.

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